"Socrates was the first to show that at all times and in every place, in everything that happens to us, daily life gives us the opportunity to do philosophy." – Plutarch

Philosophical Counseling

A creative alternative to conventional therapy, philosophical counseling uses the wisdom of both Western and Eastern philosophy to help you overcome your problems in order to live well.

In philosophical counseling you learn how to think with more clarity, coherence, and depth, about complicated, confusing, or troubling life issues.

By focusing on how you think, and how your thinking shapes your life, we see how changing the way you think can transform your life.

Whether you are concerned about a career choice or an ethical dilemma, are grappling with a relationship issue or suffering from writer’s block, are feeling stuck or mired in a general sense of unhappiness, we can work together – using the tools developed by philosophers over centuries – to clear the way to make positive changes.

Many philosophers emphasize the importance of self-knowledge for happiness and the good life. The self-awareness and self-understanding that you develop in philosophical counseling helps you achieve peace of mind and realize your life goals.



The original source of these testimonials can be found on Yelp's page for my practice.

Kendra E.

I highly recommend P.J. as a counselor. Through a combination of a life definitively and thoughtfully lived, deep personal and academic study, with a clear sense of innate compassion, P.J.'s own experience and developed strength is what I found to be most steadying in her counseling approach.

Across the spectrum of deeper psychological issues through everyday questions and problems, I always felt P.J. applied herself creatively, drawing sometimes outside herself from all resources available and clearly went the extra mile in providing useful guidance that left me with a foundation to reflect on and care for myself in the future.

Most of all she is an interesting, sharp-minded, eloquent, kind human being and is a pleasure to speak with for any reason.


Gretchen S.

Pat Mills has helped me through more than one life crisis, including the death of my husband last year. She is wise and kind but also clear-eyed. She won't let you whine or complain for too long before she makes sure you are thinking about your situation and taking control of it. I would highly recommend her for counseling, or for just talking about a life situation you would like to discuss with someone objective yet sympathetic.