"Socrates was the first to show that at all times and in every place, in everything that happens to us, daily life gives us the opportunity to do philosophy." – Plutarch

Philosophical Counseling

A creative alternative to conventional therapy, philosophical counseling uses the wisdom of both Western and Eastern philosophy to help you overcome your problems in order to live well.

Philosophical counseling shows you how to think with clarity, coherence, and depth, about complicated, confusing, or troubling life issues.

By focusing on how you think, and how your thinking shapes your life, we see how changing the way you think can transform your life.

Relying on the reasoning principles and insights of great philosophers, I address your issue – whether it is a debilitating anxiety, a conflict with another person, a career concern, the loss of a loved one, a general sense of unhappiness, or anything else – with compassion and empathy.

Many philosophers emphasize the importance of self-knowledge for happiness and the good life. The self-awareness and self-understanding that you develop in philosophical counseling helps you achieve peace of mind and realize your life goals.