Patricia J. Mills, Ph.D.

Philosophical Counselor

Testimonials for PJ Mills, PhD.


"I highly recommend P.J. as a counselor. She provided guidance that gave me a foundation to reflect on and care for myself in the future. Most of all she is an interesting, sharp-minded, eloquent, kind human being and a pleasure to speak with." - K.E.

"P.J. has helped me through more than one life crisis, including the death of my husband last year. She is wise and kind but also clear-eyed. I highly recommend her for counseling, or for just talking about a life situation you would like to discuss with someone objective yet sympathetic." - G.S.

"Dr. Mills is a pleasure to work with—a much desired trait when tackling knotty, often frustrating life issues. She has been my counselor in matters of the heart and mind for several years: her wisdom, erudition and compassion, laced with wit and mirth, have guided me through major dilemmas and crises. Her presence in my life has been a blessing." - F.F.

"Philosophical counseling offers a unique approach to counseling, particularly when dealing with life changes. Dr. Mills is kind, considerate, understanding and wise." - K.F.